Motherhood Mini Sessions

Mom’s I want to celebrate you this April! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got thousands of pictures of my kids and I can probably count on my hands how many of those photos I am in . It’s important for our kids to have not just memories of us but also photographs. Come hang out with me Saturday April 20th in a warm and inviting local greenhouse and together we will create these memories for you and your kids.

The details: Saturday April 20th from 1-3pm. Session must be reserved ahead of time and space is limited. The sessions will be 15 minutes and are just 150.00 You will receive 5 included digital images with the option to purchase additional images for just 25.00/image. The images are guaranteed to be ready by Mothers day!

Connecting over Coffee

My journey into photography was similar to a lot of Mom’s that pick up a camera . Having kids gave me the opportunity to slow down. Not in the sense that life got slower, because we all know that’s not what happens when you add kids into the mix. But it gave me time to sit, time to observe, it reminded me to be present. Between rocking babies to sleep, sitting on the floor and setting up endless block towers, I started to notice light. I would watch it throughout the day. I noticed how the right light could make the most ordinary moments seem extraordinary. That light drove me to pick up my camera, and start to chase it, start to try to capture those moments as I saw them. As my kids get older, it seems those moments become few and far between. The kids don’t always want the camera around, and with school, activities and friends, those days of sitting on the floor are behind us. I find myself missing those moments and opportunities.

regina family photographer

One afternoon while having lunch with my Grandmother, as we were sitting catching up on life, we started talking about food she would cook when I was younger. She use to make us THE best oatmeal. I have tried her recipe on my own and I can only assume she makes it with special Grandmother magic because my oatmeal tastes like garbage compared to hers…… But I digress. Sitting there talking with her, in her kitchen, a kitchen that holds memories of my childhood, watching her, completely comfortable in her own environment. I felt like I really saw her. In the same way that I “see” my kids. I really felt like I needed to capture that moment. I got up to grab my camera. She tried to tell me she wasn’t camera ready, her hair needed to be fixed, the table needed to be cleaned. Fortunately I convinced her that everything was just the way it should be and that image is everything I think of when I think of my Grandmother.

regina portrait photography

That lunch with Grandma, reminded me that my life is full of amazing people, and moments I should be capturing. My kids might be getting older and sure there will still be many more great moments to photograph with them, but there are also so many other special people in my life that I need to be making time to sit and connect with. These last few months I have made taking the time to connect over coffee a priority , and if the moment presents itself to photograph those around me during our time together I am going to continue to take it.

saskatchewan portrait photographer
saskatchewan family photographer

A look back at 2018- our everyday life

Holy man, how is the whole year behind us already!?! It seems like just last week I was sitting down to make goals for the year. And now here we are with a year full of memories in the rear view mirror.

This last year brought some really amazing things. A year full of new experiences, challenges, growth, and opportunity. Some goals reached, others readjusted and continued on to this year. All in all a pretty great year!

Here is a little peak into our year, some of my favourite personal images from 2018.

Grown on the prairies

"We who live in quiet places have the opportunity to become acquainted with ourselves, to think our own thoughts and live our own lives in a way that is not possible for those keeping up with the crowd"  - Laura Ingalls Wilder 


Home for the holidays

With the kids back in school this week it sure is quiet around here. This Christmas break we opted to stay close to home. We watched movies, stayed in our pajamas all day, played board games, and gave the kids the time to just be their silly selves. I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love watching the relationship they have with one another. I love how if given the opportunity they will use their imaginations and play for hours on end. 


I focused on being in the moment this holiday season which meant not picking up my camera and documenting all of the moments but taking them in and experiencing them. I took the break for me and them. Taking the time to play 50 games of monopoly (seriously soooo much monopoly!)  instead of photographing it. We spent the days cuddling, playing, and baking. It was a much needed break to refocus, re-energize and get ready to tackle 2018. 

Spending this time as a family really draws attention for me, to the fact that everyone really is growing, changing and maturing so quickly. Some days it seems they wake up a whole year older. So I did take a few moments to quickly capture the silliness the was ever present during this break, and I am so glad I did.