30 minutes in the life - 0 frogs but 843 mosquito bites

A few years ago during an unusually wet spring/summer the kids went frog hunting with a few of their friends. It’s been one of their favourite all time memories and they routinely bring it up. With the last several summers being exceptionally dry the frog population has been lacking in abundance. These last couple weeks have blessed us with a great deal of rain and at last we could hear the frogs calling.

We set out one fateful evening in search of a new amphibian friend to call our own. Having zero knowledge on anything frog related, I let the kids lead the way and they had some strong opinions on the best approach to take. Each of them took their turn implementing the next big idea.

Our adventure was serenaded by the songs of what I can only imagine were 2 million very shy frogs who enlisted the help of their mosquito friends as back up singers. We had some close encounters but ultimately came home empty handed. We left the soggy fields that evening with no new additions to The Soeder household, what I can only assume was collectively 843 mosquito bites, and a few lessons on how not to catch a frog.

I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing photographers to capture 30 minutes in the life each month. To follow along with our group next up is Jess of The Art of Adventures Photography: https://theartofadventures.com/30-minutes-in-ju…ing-at-the-beach/