The Great Gingerbread House Tradition

Gingerbread house decorating is my very favorite holiday tradition. When the kids were younger they would decorate a house together but now that they are older they each get their own house. We take a trip to the store together and pick out some special candies and then we put on some Christmas music and they go to town. 

They will spend the entire afternoon layering icing onto candy. The day ends with the table covered in a thin layer of icing, sprinkles all over the floor, and the house smelling of delicious gingerbread. 

I love watching how seriously they take this project. The care they put into precisely pipping the icing, delicately placing candies strategically all over the walls, and then sneaking samples of candy and icing when they think no one is watching. 

After their pieces have dried we assemble the houses, and I am happy to report this year there were no house casualties.