The Grandparent Project is a personal project that is inspired by my own childhood memories. Growing up with 4 Grandparents, 4 Great Grandparents, and one Great-Great Grandma, my grandparents were a very important part of my childhood. 

I learned to swim in my Grandparent’s pool, and practiced riding my bike on their driveway. I learned work ethic helping with housework, cleaning their car, or picking their weeds. I learned the importance of slowing down and enjoying the little things in life while sitting on their front porch watching the birds look for food in the lawn, smelling the summer breeze and watching the clouds go by, or taking a walk through the field and stopping to appreciate the flowers, collecting things to later make a craft with. Once in school I would spend lunch time at their house watching The Flinstone’s. Having them close by meant I would stop by to say “hi” and grab a cookie from the cookie jar before heading to a friend’s house after school. Weekends meant sleepovers with the best popcorn I have ever eaten and the sugary cereal my parents would never buy.  

I am fortunate to have several photographs of time spent with my grandparents but looking through I wish there were more of the everyday moments. Walking down the streets, sitting on their porch, or baking in their kitchen. Photographs of grandparent’s in their favorite yard-work shirt, the coveralls Grandpa wore when working in the garage or workshop. Photographs working in the garden or doing a puzzle. That’s where The Grandparent project was born. 

If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in The Grandparent Project you can get in touch by following the button below. All selected applicants will receive sessions free of charge as well as session images in digital form as a thank you for allowing me to photograph these special moments.