Embracing Childhood


Childhood is sweet and simple, careless and free. Let me help you capture the essence of childhood through a photography session. Childhood sessions are kept simple and focus on expressions, giggles, and being in the moment.  I will photograph little hand dimples, sweet wispy curls, and toes in the grass. . Whether your child is learning to walk, exploring the grass for the first time, chasing butterflies, or watching stories play out in the clouds these sessions will help you remember where they are at now. Tooth gaps, messy hair, their favourite stuffed animal or that favourite shirt they won't take off for days on end.  Our children are changing and growing everyday, always learning and exploring. This time is special and deserves to be cherished.  

Sessions include a minimum of 15 full resolution creatively enhanced images provided via password protected online gallery, with a print release. 

Family Sessions 


 I will spend your session capturing your family, the connections, the moments, the relationships, the small gestures.  My goal to be a fly on the wall, offering only small suggestions or guidance. I want to help you remember all of the little details that make your family unique.  I want to capture the real and honest moments, your everyday life moments, the fun, the silliness, the quiet, and loud moments.  Capturing those moments when their little hand reaches for yours, celebrating small milestones, and letting your true personalities shine.  Lifestyle family sessions are all about capturing the details that make up your family today and turning it into something you can cherish forever. Sessions can take place in your home, backyard, park, or during your favorite family outing. 

Sessions include a minimum of 20 full resolution creatively enhanced images provided via password protected online gallery, with a print release. 

First Moments 

Starting at 200.00

Bringing your little one into the world is a beautiful journey. Let me capture the delicate and fundamental stages in the lives of you and your child. Those first moments are so busy and full of emotion. As a mother of 3 I am passionate about capturing those powerful and tender moments so they can be treasured forever. I want you to be able to focus on being in the moment, focusing on getting to know your little one while I capture those sweet moments for you. With different  packages available you choose the coverage that is perfect for you and your family, ranging from active labour, delivery and birth, to those very important moments after birth when you meet your sweet new little babe. Let me capture all of your babies first details. Sessions can take place at home or on the Mother Baby Unit. Images will be candid, capturing cuddles, kisses and all babies adorable newborn details.

Sessions include and consultation, photography time, and a full resolution password protected online gallery with digital downloads. Sessions start at 200.00. Pricing varies depending on photography coverage level.