One-on-One in home Photography Classes

Learn to use your DSLR and capture memories for your family


*Get some friends together and learn as a group! Discounts of 50.00/person apply to groups of 3 or larger*

I remember when my children were toddlers, sitting on the floor with them as they played with their town of Little People. The light would shine down on them through the windows of our home and create these magical moments. I remember thinking how quickly the kids were growing and how these quiet moments needed to be captured. I purchased my first camera, a Canon G10 powershot, a point and shoot, but even that seemed overwhelming. My first attempts to capture these moments didn't go well. Images did not come out as I had seem them in those moments. I sought out way to make my photographs better, ways to capture those moments so my kids and I could cherish them as they grew older. I wasn't sure where to turn to for help, but read through so many tutorials online, did A LOT of trial and error and slowly but surely my photographs improved.  I remember feeling frustrated at times, a little lost, and unsure of what to do next . But I knew that capturing these moments for my children was important to me. 

I want to help you capture those moments for your children. Using whatever camera you own, and becoming aware of the light in your home you will learn how to capture memories for your children with what you have. Through a one on one session we will work through the challenges you face, answer questions, and unleash your inner photographer.  Whether you are looking to learn the basics, need a refresher, or looking to take your photographs to the next level I would be happy to plan a session for you! After the session you will receive feedback, and have the option to join my online community where you can receive ongoing support.


Before the session 

Once your session is booked you will receive a questionnaire to help me get to know you better, find out what camera you use and what your hoping to learn from our session. 

During the session

We will meet at a coffee shop or your home if you prefer. Over coffee we will chat about your camera, photography and go over all of the basics. You will receive a booklet full of information that is yours to keep. I recommend bringing your camera, and a notebook with you to the session. You can expect the session to last about 2 hours and be full of information to get you started using your camera or build on what you already know.



After the session 

You will be added to a private Facebook group where we will support and encourage one another to continue shooting, ask questions, offer feedback, take part in weekly challenges and receive tips to help you going forward.