The Grandparent Project

Are you interested in participating in the project for yourself or a family member? Below is a bit of info about the project, what is required , and what you can expect. Feel free to fill out the information below and I will get back to you to discuss setting up a session.

Though discussions online and in person I will get to know you, decide what we want to incorporate into your portraits, and what is important to you to have captured. I spend 20-30 minutes upon meeting to get to know you ( or your parents, or grandparents) better before pulling out my camera and getting to work.

I know from experience that having someone come into my home, makes me want to clean everything from top to bottom, and make sure my hair, and clothes are perfect and although my goal is to make sure your 100% comfortable during the session, I want to see the details of your life throughout your home and present in your photographs, I want you to wear your most comfortable shirt that you wear around the house.

During our time together I will take several photographs, and you will receive two digital images as a thank you for your time. I also ask that you be comfortable with me using the images online, social media, etc.

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