Frequently Asked Questions

I am worried my home isn’t the ideal place for a session.

So many times we get caught up on what we don’t like about our homes we forget all the things we do like. Our homes are the places where we make the most memories, spend the most time, and I think it is important to preserve those details in photographs. During in-home sessions we can stick to one room, or use them all. While planning your session we will go over areas of your home and decide what you would like your session to look like.  Often sessions will take place in the common areas of your home. You don’t need to worry about having a super clean home, but if this is something that is important to you, feel free to clean that areas we will be using and close the doors to areas you don’t want seen.  

Does my home have enough natural light?   


I love using window light, and low light areas are my favorite to work in. During your session I ask you keep all lights off and open any blinds or curtains to let natural light in. 

What can I do to prepare my family and myself for a session?

I know the idea of having a stranger come into your home with their camera can feel a little intimidating. I know I freeze up when I have a camera pointed at me, so let’s not focus on the camera. Think of our session has having a family friend over for coffee. We will visit, play, joke, and have fun.  At the end of our time together my goal is that you will look back on the session with memories of having fun and relaxing. 

What will we do during our in-home session? 

My goal is to capture the details of what your family is like right now. Think about what you love about your family right now, what details do you want to preserve, why is having a session right now important to you? Now let’s plan your session based on that.  Do you have a favorite game you enjoy playing as a family? A favorite book to read? A favorite spot that you sit and cuddle?  Planning an activity for you session is a great way to keep everyone together in the same area, but I want it to feel authentic to you and your family. 

What is the best time to book a session?  

For the best lighting I generally recommend outdoor sessions take place in the early evening, and indoor session between the hours or 10am-3pm. 

I like to keep this really open to you. My only request is that you are comfortable.  Don’t worry about being too match-y, and don’t feel like you need to dress up. I do suggest steering away from really bright or neon colours, loud patterns, or big logos because they can take attention away from the moment in your images.

What do we wear for our session? 

The most important things to remember is calm and relaxed parents help keep kids calm and relaxed. I keep sessions a no pressure zone for kids.  I allow kids time to get to know me before we start our session and will take cues from them throughout the session. I encourage planning sessions around nap and meal times and if we need to take a break during a session whether it’s to feed a newborn or switch from one activity to the next I am totally open and flexible. I want to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable throughout the session.

What if my kids don’t cooperate? 

I take A LOT of pictures during a session. I will go over all of the images and pick the very best to deliver to you. All of your final images will be polished and delivered to you in high resolution in a password protected online gallery. Any un-used images (yes closed etc) will be purged and not delivered.  I don’t guarantee any number of images but instead focus on allowing the images to tell a story. Depending on session length, number of people involved and the activity we do, you can expect approximately 25-40 images. 

How many images do I get from our session

Of course you can. All sessions are inclusive of digital files. I do offer prints, and albums but you are welcome to print at a lab of your choice. I am always happy to offer suggestions on labs if you choose to print your images on your own as well. 

Can I print my images at my lab of choice? 

I want to book a session, now what?

You can find a session questionnaire here. Once I receive it, I will be in touch to confirm all the details!


Still have questions? Send me a message and we can chat!